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Who are We?

HBA Recovery LLC is committed to serving our community. We are a licensed, accredited recovery organization. HBA audits public records to pursue unclaimed monies held by various government agencies and owed to private individuals and businesses. These unclaimed funds are typically related to different real estate transactions. We research, analyze, and identify clients to assist with processing their claims. Each claim is examined separately, depending on the uniqueness of its situation. Our clients are treated with the utmost care, dignity and respect from the beginning of our services. We are liaisons to businesses and individuals bridging the gap to their unclaimed or lost funds. Our Clients pay absolutely nothing out of pocket! Real recovery organizations do not ask their clients for upfront fees. The client's legal, administrative, and notary fees are covered until we collect. If HBA is denied a monetary award for the claim, the client is not liable for any payments. We take pride in our clients knowing we are working hard to collect. We hold a specialized skill set and a thorough understanding of policies and procedures. We make the claims process a seamless transition.

let HBA work for you!


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