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My name is Rachel Taylor, and I am a woman of many talents. You can consider me a "Jill of all trades" and think of this website as your "one-stop shop," Just like Walmart, you can find just about anything here on "All Things Rachel."   It pains me when one of my favorite Shakespeare quotes is not completed in its entirety. The full expression is, "A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one." Monetizing multiple skill sets is not a curse; it's a gift!

Because my skill sets are massive, keeping track of multiple websites became challenging, so I combined all my skills here on one website. (You're welcome). Outside of corporate America, I primarily focus on (4) different skills that generate additional sources of income. I specialize in asset recovery, catering, decor, and affiliate marketing. 

I know a lot because I do a lot. I work on perfecting my talents daily. I am God-fearing, honest, and extremely trustworthy. I understand that building any foundation should be built on truth and justice. Anything else will fall. Feel free to email me or call; I am more than happy to provide you with excellent service.

 I work in various facets and can assist with many of your needs. I perform affiliate marketing, recovery of assets, private event catering, design, decor, and new business owner setup assistance. I also am licensed in real estate so I can assist with finding housing (GA clients only).  I also have a relationship blog. So I can be of service with healthy relationship advice. I am extremely results driven. What I say, I do, I do (read that again). Recently, I have been heavy into skincare and personal health. I am that "friend/ associate" everyone calls because they know I will do my best to find the answer if I don't already know the information. In summary, I monetize ALL of my God-giving abilities. 

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What We Do


Below are the services that we currently offer. Feel free to contact us regarding questions or concerns.

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